MIUI 10: Ultimate UI from Xiaomi

Xiaomi has Released the Alpha or Beta Versions of MIUI 10 of Xiaomi Devices. The main feature of MIUI 10 would be this, according to Xiaomi, Mi Ecosystem devices will be controlled directly by MIUI 10 without the need for a secondary application.

The main feature

Xiaomi vice president says that the next MIUI version will be the unfinished business of MIUI 9, which is an intelligent voice assistant.

Beta Versions of MIUI 10 is only holds Chinese Virtual Assistant, Even in Globally released version. 

Full screen gestures

from official miui

Here is gestures description,

  • To go to Home screen, you just need to swipe up.
  • To open Recent apps, swipe up and hold.
  • To Go back, just swipe from side edge of the phone.
  • and to switch between apps, do same as back but stretch more.

Recent app screen


Another difference user will notice is in Recent app screen. MIUI 10 handle Recents in a completely new way. Optimized for 18:9 screens, Recents feel much more straightforward and intuitive now.

More in sounds

Xiaomi has introduced Ambient noises in sounds of MIUI 10. 

  • Notification sounds like water drops
  • Deleting items sound like sand droping
  • Setting Timer has different sounds of Forest, Beach, Drizzle, Fire etc. 

More Feature

App opening is now more faster

AI portrait mode

Using Portrait mode doesn’t require a dual camera device now. Most single camera phone users will be able to blur the background on their photos after they upgrade to MIUI 10.

Xiaomi now giving more time to it’s UI and its performance which is better for mid-end mobile users who will get budget smartphone which will give solid competition to some high-end flagship devices.