How to play two version of PUBG mobile in Tencent Gaming Buddy.

As soon as PUBG mobile has been rolled out, many people has installed it in emulator. These players had gain an advantage against genuine mobile players and real mobile players were leaving the game as this is not fair play. At that time, Tencent has introduced separate game play for Emulator players and also introduced own emulator which has been known as ‘Tencent Gaming Buddy’.

As we all know that PUBG mobile is launched in two variant, Global Release and China Release. Both have their own advantage, Chinese PUBG mobile has an advantage in terms of version release and Global one is available in many language including Chinese.

Now, many players who are not bound by linguistic barrier, they always likes to play Chinese version of the game as it is advance in feature and smoothness of game play. If you are using an android device or Apple device to play PUBG then here is the article for you to how to play Chinese pubg in mobile outside of china. Title may vary but process wold be same.

But, For those who live outside of China and play through ‘Tencent Gaming Buddy‘. Here is the method, from which, you can play both version in same emulator.

Step 1:

Download Tencent gaming buddy from this link :

Install it and It will automatically starts download an English version of the game.

Step 2:

After installation is finished, It will show the screen something like this.

Now, Go to setting and change language to Chinese. (First option, the one in Chinese)

You have to restart the emulator. Make sure that you have closed it from system tray in Taskbar.

Step 3:

After launching it again, you will notice that look is now entirely changed and It will look something like this.

Now, Click on the search bar above and search for this Chinese term : 


Make sure you will install the right app as shown below as the game has many version in China. 

Notice that Game has 0.9.5 version.

Step 4:

After has been installed. Open the setting. For help, please refer the screenshot below. It was the third option from the top.

and change language back to English and reboot the emulator again.

Now, you will find your screen with both game as shown below.