How much internet speed do you need to play multiplayer games?

we all play online multiplayer games and we all are aware of that statistic named Latency or Ping. After all, most of the time, It is the only factor that might lead you to victory or throw you into the dump of losers.

There are many popular games that need some specific speed of the internet for the smooth experience. Most of them demand Broadband connection as it gives stability and consistency in speed but you can play with wi-fi also without any issue if the router is placed within 10 feet of radius from the PC.

Here I have listed some most popular games among the internet which requires an active internet connection while you play the game with other players or your friends.

1. PUBG (PC)

PUBG PC is the first BattleRoyale game to earn a vast major reputation among the audience and players. It is the first game which has the complete experience of BattleRoyale Genre. 

Here is What I found from Its official selling Store Steam.

They listed that you need and broadband connection, As I said earlier, It might give you an advantage but we need numbers, right?

For the answer, I swapped some forums and found that If you need to play the game in your own server and also in nearby servers, then you should go for 4 Mbps plan to keep your ping under 100 ms.

2. PUBG (mobile)



This is the comment that I have found on Reddit and also verified by me.

To play PUBG mobile, you will need 128 kbps internet speed to experience zero lag. You will need more if you are a bit heavy on the use of voice chat.

3. Fortnite

Fortnite is another game in battle royale genre. Yet, It is giving tough competition to PUBG. It’s unique graphics and emotes made it more popular among some internet community.

Fortnite also have the same standards about internet speed as PUBG, 4 Mbps plan and you are good to go.

4. CS: GO

CS: GO is the most popular franchise of valve corporation. It also has the large community that any online game might have.

Due to many servers, CS: GO has the least requirement about internet speed and which is 256 kbps. You can play at 80ms ping with this speed.

So, this is the Top 4 games that are most popular on the internet. If you need more information about any other games, Let me know in the comment below or can contact me on the Facebook page (Featured on the sidebar).