Here is how you can play Sanhok map in PUBG mobile


PUBG has taken the world by storm as soon as it was released. After 2-3 months of release Tencent Games has introduced it’s brand new map ‘Miramar’ for PUBG mobile. Until then, It was only exclusive to PC version. The same was happened to Sanhok map. It was first introduced in PC PUBG and Now in China, PUBG mobile version 0.9.5 has  released with new Sanhok map and also with some new weapons and new features.

How to download PUBG mobile 0.9.5?

PUBG mobile 0.9.5 is now only available in China. So, In order to download it, You need application which is named ‘Tap Tap’. This app is available for both Android and iOS. 


Step 1: You can download it from here:

Step 2: After Downloading, Search for “PUBG”. There are many version of PUBG mobile is available. Remember: look for version number, It must be 0.9.5 

Step 3: Now click on “Download” button and After Downloading, It will be installed.

Footnote: In order to play PUBG mobile 0.9.5, you must have WeChat ID. I personally find it hard to make QQ ID as I confronted SMS verification issue.

What is new in PUBG mobile 0.9.5?

1. New Weapons

I. QBZ (5.56 mm)

With 5.56mm bullets, it has both single-shot and fully automatic modes. The recoil is low and the stability is excellent. The disadvantage is that the filling speed is slower and the rate of fire is slightly inferior to most other rifles with a diameter of 5.56mm.

II. QBU (5.56 mm)

Using a 5.56mm bullet, the modern semi-automatic precision shooter rifle has a high single-shot damage, but the recoil is relatively small, and the overall performance is excellent in the shooter rifle. It is an excellent replacement of mini-14 in Sanhok map.

2. New Map

The new map that has been introduced is Sanhok. Many players are now aware of this map as this was introduced earlier in PC version of game. Map is 4 km X 4 km in size and 100 players will be dropped in it, Which means more competition and more action. 

This map has some special features like new weapons as they are only available in this map. Sanhok also has Day and night cycle and Dynamic weather, So it will be more fun to play.

3. New Mode

1. Competitive mode

New mode that has been introduced in this game is Competitive mode. This mode has new game modification as listed below.

  • Auto Pick-up disabled
  • Auto open doors disabled
  • No Sounds Visualization means Headphones are must.
  • No auto loaded bullets in firearms
  • No mini-map cues for shots
  • No vehicles nearby
2. Night mode

There is a new night mode being added to the game, allowing gamer to play in night with night vision goggles. Of course, Night mode is not completely pitch black, there is some moonlight available but main point is this mode is bringing new challenges to gamer.

I have found this night mode images on Reddit. I have not tried to find night mode on my device and may be it is not activated as I am on level 7.

But, It is sure that Tencent games has never failed their PUBG players to give new challenges. So, From now on, See you in #BootCamp.